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New Mashable Bookmarking Widget with Pinterest

New Mashable Bookmarking Widget with Pinterest Blogger Widget

In the series of best blogger widgets, before I have already shared Mashable Social Bookmarking widget for blogger but that one has missing Pinterest Bookmarker and Pinterest Sharing Button. But today I am bringing another Mashable Social media widget having Pinterest Follow and Sharing button. As I have already discussed benefits of Sharing and Bookarmarking on Social Media website. This widget contains Facebook Page Like Button, Twitter Follow Button Google Plus Page and Profile Following Option, RSS Email Subscription and New is Pinterest Sharing and Following Button. So here I have made a simple Generator for this Widget Just insert your Pages and Profile Link in Generator and Click on the Generate than Add to Blogger Button it will Install automatically into your blogger blog.

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How to Install New Mashable Social Media Widget to Blogger.

Simply insert you Page and Profile IDs Link in Widget Generator below.
Click on Generate
Copy that code and paste in Blogger Layout > HTML/JavaScript Gadget
Now where ever in the layout you want to place, place it. I suggest you somewhere top in sidebar.

I hope you all will like this widget.
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