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SEO Keyword Optimization: Tips for How to Use Keywords

For the Bloggers this is not a new strategy but the main purpose of sharing this article is only for novice bloggers. May be they have heard about Keywords Optimization but only hearing is not enough but we have to find some great methods to Optimize keywords for better SEO and get organic traffic to our Blog and at the end all your efforts you use to optimize search keywords will bring for you huge and valuable traffic which will help you to make money from blogging. Just before I have shared an SEO article for Drive More Visitors and for increasing website traffic and that one is also the parts of SEO chain. So, this article is very useful in that case when you use it for your every new post such as giving right way to search engines crawlers to send searchers right on your Blog for what they are looking for.

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SEO Keyword Optimization: Tips for How to Use Keywords

After using the right and correct methods of applying SEO keywords in your article, search engines automatically take your Blog in the search results on top. As I have mentioned above all this techniques will help and assist search engines crawlers to what you have actually written on your article. So lets start the topic for using of Keywords in your article.

Keywords Density

What is Keyword Density? I have already discussed it in my previous fewer SEO Posts but here I will also consider this because this post is almost I have to write for Keywords Optimization. The Keywords Density is actual usage of your targeted keyword inside the article for which you writing. Suppose, if your article having 500 words and you have used the targeted keyword five time then keyword density comes 1%. What I have learned for keywords density, it should be 3% to 4% per article means if you have written 500 words post, the targeted keywords is must be not more than 20 times.


How to Use Keywords in Article

Hope you have collected the actual keywords which you have to use in your article. Now its time to tell you how to use those keywords in your article.

  • Your Targeted Keywords Must be in Beginning of Title
  • Use it in your first Paragraph and must be in first line.
  • Extend it by applying in article body but don’t exceed keyword density
  • Give the best wishes to your visitors by applying your targeted keyword in the last paragraph.
  • By Optimizing Article URL
  • = wrong format
  • = use this correct format.

Give it Natural Look

We almost talked for the usage, but it is not enough, because I have also seen some newbie who just use keywords by search some keywords research tools but forget to how to apply and use. Always use keywords on the right path where it furnish the actual meaning of the sentence and give sounds like natural for inspiring your visitors and providing such a great post.

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Bottom Lines

Something I have to write here and its is overuse of keywords. Don’t ever cross the keywords density it must be not more than 5%. Collect your keywords which you have to use in the article and target you post length then start writing by applying the above mentioned method for using search keywords. Hope you will get results in few days. Don’t forget to Join Our Social Media Community and Follow over RSS Feeds. Regards.