Sidebar JQuery Social Media Bookmarking Popout Widget

This is another JQuery Widget widget to Bookmarking and Following Social Media Pages Profiles for coming visitors. Very light widget for Blogger for beautiful look and also SEO Friendly with easing effect. Before after 2 weeks hardworking I have made and have shared with you a Popup JQuery Social Media Bookmarking and Following Widget but now this is another Social Media widget for Bloggers in which visitors can follow your blog on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest also can subscribe your Youtube Channel and RSS Feeds with mouse hover effects. About Social Media Benefits I have already post very deeply that How can we increase traffic rank and get Huge Traffic from Social Media Sites.

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How to Install Sidebar JQuery Social Media Bookmarking Popout Widget

Here I have widget Generator for this Widget in which you have to put you concerned Blog’s Social Media page IDs, Youtube Channels Link and RSS link.

Fill the fields as per widget’s requirement for generating Widget Contents.

Just Copy above text from generator and paste in Template
Go to Blogger Dashboard >> Template >> Edit HTML >>
before any edition in Blogger Template you must backup your blogger template. Check This
And then paste the code as per instructions mentioned in the widget generator.
Now save you template and check you blog’s Home Page you will find there a beautiful Social Bookmarking Following Widget with Popuo Effect.

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Hope You will like this post. Any further assistance you can ask me by replying in this post I will try to help in every type of issue also don’t forget to follow and like our social media networks for getting updates from

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  • The Above widget is working perfect I have checked it Live Demo Check Here

  • Same problem as above the image is not visible and the animation is missing..

  • Send me link of your Blog by Contact Section I will guide you to Install this widget

  • Sunny

    It seems like the src of the image icon is broken and another thing is I can't find the class "itemsocial" in css. And also the animation is not working ..idk why.
    Any help would be appreciated.

  • doesn't matter contact me via contact section and send me link of your website

  • tex

    its not a blog, its html/css website and im making it offline :/, but i do have similiar structure and i put it as you said before body tags and css to css but it doesnt seem to wotk :S

  • send me link of your blog may I help you to install this widget

  • tex

    hey, tnx for the great sidebar, but how do i install it in plain html website ?

  • its designed for left side

  • For some reason there is no fluid animation of the box sliding out to the left. When floated to the right the words escape the viewport to the right.

  • Easy to understand and very clear. Can you please tell me how to make "Follow via Facebook", Follow via twitter" "Follow via Youtube"… appear to left side, those words are going inside the screen. i would appreciate If you help me out.

  • ThanQ Dear. if you want it without JQuery You may remove the JQeury Installation . install complete code as instruction and after that remove
    from head sections code

  • Its awesome widget brother. But I want another widget like this but without jQuery. Do you have?

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