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Samsung Galaxy Note 5 – Rumours and Sayings

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 – Rumours and Sayings

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is a concept phone. Phablet and smartphone lovers are eagerly waiting for it. Whether a rumour or fact, this is the most awaited phones for the year 2015. Although nothing has been confirmed as of now, here is a list of some exciting features the Note 5 is expected to come integrated with: 1. It may ...
iPad Air 3 Rumors

iPad Air 3 Rumors

This hasn’t been long since the iPad Air 2 has been released. October 16 and today; it’s only a few months yet the Apple people have buzzing over a new Apple iPad; mostly known as iPad Air 3 or iPad 7. There hasn’t been an official announcement yet so our review would be based mostly upon assumptions. Digging ...
Five Free Android Apps to Help You Travel Abroad

Five Free Android Apps to Help You Travel Abroad

In the 21st century, smartphones and tablets have become the best tools for international travel. In the past, international travelers relied on paperback books, foldable maps and Internet cafes to help them in their sojourns abroad; these days, however, people can plan their trips abroad and get the information they need ...

How to Block Specific Contacts Using Block Sender List in Microsoft Outlook?

There is a category of emails that neither come under the general category nor under the spam list but are still unneeded. This category is ruled by the senders that regularly send you unnecessary / forwarded email messages shared with another long list of users too. However, there is a way to keep such contacts and messages ...
Is your boss spying on you

Is your boss spying on you? Some things to keep in mind

The CEO of a Christian publishing company earlier in the year had a meeting where he expressed his anger over rumors being spread about the company by someone from the inside and while the culprit was not found, he fired 25 employees. The meeting was taped secretly by an employee and revealed that the computer activity ...

Advanced Guide to Perfect On-Page Optimization Techniques

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is always ultimate for any business growth. Having perfect On-Page for the website is the first phase of optimizing and promoting our business. There are lot of webmasters who are already discussed this topic, but here I’m going to share some ultimate advanced guide for making perfect ...
Smartphone app development - iOS vs Android

Smartphone app development – iOS vs Android

Smartphone app development – iOS vs Android Image courtesy: Nine Hertz 5,437 total views, 192 views today Share this:Share on TumblrEmailPocket
best tips for internet marketing

Free, Easy & Best Online Internet Marketing Tips

When you search any topic like the above mentioned topic, through internet search engines, you can find lots of different valuable tips and techniques regarding internet Marketing, I need some of your precious time so that I can tell you what information I have! And I would like to share my personal experience about internet ...
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