How to create attractive social media profiles

There are two forms of attractiveness when it comes to social media profiles. There is attractive for friends or attractive for clients. This is only meant in broad terms that apply to most social media networks. Friends are people you know from online and offline and are relevant to private/personal social media profiles. Clients are potential customers or potential viewers/investors/associates/interested parties. They apply mostly to commercial social media profiles, or social media profiles set up to further/advertise a business.

how to create attractive social media profiles
how to create attractive social media profiles

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How to create attractive social media profiles

Now that the technical definitions are out-of-the-way, below you will find tips on how to create attractive social media profiles for both personal profiles and business/commercial profiles.

Friends – Great pictures of you

This may seem obvious, but great pictures of you are going to make your profile more attractive. One assumes that people are looking at your profile to see all about you in the first place, or that they have at least a passing interest in you. Give them pictures of you that are good. Do not fill your pictures areas with pictures of family, pets and miscellaneous. Give people pictures of you and try to make them about something instead of seven hundred “selfies” of you with your camera phone.

Friends – The occasional picture of you looking hot

If you have a hot picture or two, then slip one in. Your friends of the opposite sex will want to see, as well as the partners of your current friends. There is nothing wrong with celebrating the fact that sometimes you look cute or hot.

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Clients – Professional pictures to show your legitimacy

Obviously, you should not populate your profile with pictures of your staff drinking in music tents. Go for more professional pictures on your profile, and take a step further into a conservative professional ethos. In other words, make your pictures professional and then plus ten percent more.

Clients – Pictures of your products that will interest your target audience

One assumes that people are looking at your social media profiles because they have an interest in your business, services, website or products. If that is the case, then give them pictures of your products or pictures of the results of your service.

Friends – A bio that details your likes and dislikes

It makes for interesting reading sometimes. It may be nice to know if you like the Sopranos or not. It is also handy if you happen to like more obscure things such as the old British TV show, “Steptoe and Son.” If there is another person in your acquaintance that likes the same thing, then your profile becomes all the more attractive and interesting to that person.

Friends – Posts on things you find very interesting

This should be what happens anyway. You should post about things you find interesting, as there is a chance other people will find it very interesting too. It is common for friends and acquaintances to have similar interests.

Clients – Images and videos of your products in action

Show your range of weed whackers in action, and videos of your most recent cars in action. Videos of your service being performed are often very effective in attracting and interesting potential clients.

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Clients – images and videos of your products excelling and/or under pressure

Do not just tell people that your range of watches is water-resistant. Drop ten of them in a public swimming pool, fish them out, and show them still working. Do not tell people your ladders are the strongest; you should hit them with cars and watch the cars bounce off them.

Friends – Pictures and videos with your friends in them

When people look at photos, the first person they look for is themselves. All you have to do is add videos and images with your friends in and all of a sudden your profile becomes more interesting.

Friends – Pictures of your pets

Pets are cute and interesting. It may be viciously cliché to have your pets on your social media profiles, but the fact is they make your profile look more attractive and interesting.

Clients – Publicity photos and PR photos

You know the sort of thing this entails. It is a picture of a smiling deliveryman handing a package to a thrilled housewife. It is a sexy receptionist greeting a visitor to the business. This sort of thing is expected, and even though it is not original, it is still a good thing to have on your social media profiles.

Clients – Posts that exist to interest

This means posts that were not put up there just because you wanted something to post. It is better to allow your profile to lie dormant rather than put up content that doesn’t thrill your target audience. It is very easy to lose people on social media because they have no real incentive to visit your commercially motivated website. They may have incentive to visit the profiles of people they know and see often, but there is no direct reason for them to repeatedly visit your social media profile. That is why you cannot risk scaring people away with dull or uninteresting social media posts.

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Top Best Social Media Plugins for WordPress Blog

This Running month, I have the second topic for WordPress Blogging platform to extend your knowledge and get most out from WordPress recently I have shared an article for optimization and speeding up WordPress blog and now my topic is for best social media plugins to use in WordPress blog for increasing social signals and make your visitors to share your valuable written contents within their social media friends and send you more visitors.

Best Social Media Plugins for WordPress
Best Social Media Plugins for WordPress

Social Media Tricks to Promote Business

 Top 9 Best Social Media Plugins for WordPress Blog

There are so many benefits of using the social media plugins and widgets on website/blog page as always we want more exposure after writing some valuable contents and if your blog has the plugins for contents sharing within the social media platforms i.e. facebook, twitter, google+ you will get more visitors and readers for your contents as well as also help you to increase your search engines optimization score. Therefore, If you are using WordPress for blogging and want more exposure and notice on your contents you will like the following list of social media sharing and bookmarking plugins.

Floating Social Media Icon

This is really awesome and must have plugin for blogging niche as it has floating features means it will be always in eyes of your visitors as well as it has also other features to place it in certain place. Its attraction will force visitors to follow your social media pages and follow your blog through social media.

Social Media Feather

Very simple and lightweight social media plugin having both sharing and following options for social media ids and pages. This plugin has a good thing i.e. it will not affect on loading speed of your WordPress blog because of its simplicity.

Scrolling Social Sharebar

It has seven different top usable social media sharing buttons i.e facebook, twitter, google+, linked in stumbleupon etc. it you want more publicity and exposure of your written contents within these social media websites. You must have installed this plugin in your WordPress blog.

Sharexy – powerful social sharing and bookmarking tool

It is another great and powerful sharing and bookmarking tool to get most out from social media websites.

Social Toolbar

Very attractive social media tool for WordPress Blog. Social Toolbar has features to show your latest tweets from twitter and also have option show all social media profiles or you particular social profile to follow.

Bottom Lines.

As we all blogger need something new, some of us need simple buttons and some are looking for attractive and fancy social media buttons. So the above list have both options so its up to you what are going you to select. Hope you will like and file helpful the above social media plugins for your WordPress blog.

5 Tips for Getting the Most Out of Twitter

 Even though you are limited to 140 characters, Twitter provides a lot of power in short bursts.  Because of its vast reach and huge user base, Twitter provides a real time look at what is happening in the world and how people are reacting to it.  But if you are just logging in and glancing at your Twitter stream, you aren’t getting full use out of it.  That’s like downloading a bunch of WordPress Templates and then leaving the content blank; sure, you are using it somewhat, but you could be doing so much more with it.  Below are some ways to get the most value from your Twitter account and get insights into the world around you.

 5 Tips for Getting the Most Out of Twitter

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Weekly Email Digest

Sometimes it can be easy to miss important tweets as they can get buried in a sea of other tweets.  With Twitter’s weekly email digest, you can get a report of the top stories of the week from people you follow on Twitter.  This way, you will always know the most important stories of the day, and get insight into what people are talking about and how people feel about it.  It organizes topics, and you can click on avatars to see what that person tweeted about that topic.  It’s a great way to get the opinions of your friends and others about topics of the day.  And it will always give you something to talk about at the water cooler at work.


Top Tweets of the Week

This will send you an email weekly of the top tweets from Twitter.  These are often funny, interesting, or informative tweets that have been shared and re-shared thousands upon thousands of times.  This can also be a good way to get insight into human behavior, as it shows just what people find worthy of re-tweeting.  Both this email and the weekly digest emails can be turned on or off in your Settings section.  Receiving both can give you real insight into how to gain more followers.


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Tailored Trends

Tailored Trends allows you to see what is popular on Twitter that also appeals to you.  While #JustinBieber may be extremely popular, if Twitter thinks you don’t care about this, it won’t show on your popular trend list.  Instead, it may show a sports team from your local area or show you a trend about a celebrity you follow or have tweeted about.  This way, you are always able to find content that is actually relevant to you instead of being stuck wading through a bunch of content you don’t care about.



Follower Suggestions

You can also have these emailed to you, so you can see different people that Twitter thinks you may find interesting.  This will allow you to find new people to follow which will, again, allow you to find new content you find interesting.  This way, Twitter will always remain fresh and relevant and keep you logging in.  This, too, is available in Settings to be turned either on or off.


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Expanded Tweets

When you follow news outlets, it can be difficult to get the gist of the story in just 140 characters, so few outlets even try.  With expanded tweets, you can see the first few lines of the news story as well as the headline to determine if this is something you are interested in.  This saves you from having to click on a link and wait for a page to load (which can be long if browsing from a phone) and, instead, let you know before you click whether you are wasting your time or not.


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Anny Solway is a dedicated writer at ThemeFuse – a leader in the Premium WordPress Themes area. She likes to discover new ideas about internet marketing, social media and blogging.

Social Media Mistakes by New Bloggers

Hope the entire fans and visitors of my blogs will be fine at time of reading this article :). This day means today I have choose a topic regarding to social media and most of tips are for new bloggers. Social media website and platforms are playing great role to make ourselves and our Blog more popular and its very necessary to engage all our sites with social media websites. Today I have decided to present few lines for social media mistakes which should be avoided by most novice and beginners. Its very important to connect with social sites to bring more traffic to our and increasing such a traffic and website ranking by sharing links within social media audience but beside there is some wrong steps done by new Blogger to be avoided and keep away from them.

social media mistakes



Social Media Related:-



What type of Social Media Mistakes Should be Avoided

All the thoughts shared below is personally experienced by me because once I was also beginner so choosing this topic is for information to new Blogger should avoid such mistakes which may affect the audience and traffic rank to your site. So take a quick look to some biggest mistakes among social media platform done by beginners.


  1. Always Online :- deal social media as per job like give social media proper time and don’t online whole day like freeperson.
  2. Social Media Widgets:- Add Social Media Subscription and Follow Widget to your Blog to connect visitors with your blog.
  3. Wall Spamming  :- Avoid unnecessary spamming posts or such application auto post which bore.
  4. Share You Contents:- After publishing your article, must share on social media site.
  5. Stop Sharing Own Contents Only:- if you want to publish your contents between your friends of friends, you must share the contents of other Blogger inside your circle.
  6. Grammer & Misspelling :- Before publishing your article must grammer and spelling of your complete article.
  7. Avoid Talking about Yourself :- Its good to be the best but whatever you are doesn’t matter, you contents must be better than you and this the matter for your visitors.
  8. Share Inspirational Topics :- Whatever you shared amongst your friends its must be inspirational and motivational otherwise leave it don’t share.
  9. Stay upto date:- Always update you social media streaming wall with new topic to encourage audience to visit your Blog.
  10. Social Profile :- Your profile must be the to reach your Blog for new profile visitors. Add your Blog link to your description section.



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Bottom Lines are :-

Mentioned above some common mistakes done by new Blogger that affects your Blog ranking and your social profile on the Blogging platform. Do you want to create quality? So you have to active on the social media networks because these days social media is the platform where you can grow and increase traffic for your Blog and go step up for your successful Blogging career.

Image Hover and Preferred Contents Social Sharing Plugin

I have already seen valuable gadgets and also shared lot of beautiful Blogger and WordPress widgets but what I found today, I have never seen any plugin like this. This is the social media sharing widget for Blogger WordPress or any website. Before, I have shared a widget similar to like the coming below widget for Image hover social media sharing widget. But in this plugin has something more from the previous shared plugin to share you contents through social media platforms and get more traffic from the social networks platforms. Check below more information about it and how to install this widget in your WordPress, Blogger or custom hosted website.

hover sharing widget


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Image Hover and Preferred Contents Social Sharing Plugin

You can so many benefits by applying this valuable widget on your blog or website in the shape of increasing traffic audience from social media website. This plugin help your visitors to share preferred contents over facebook, twitter, google plus, linkedin or by email also there is a great feature of image mouse hover sharing plugin system to share the above mentioned website.


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How to Install Sharing Plugin

This is the creating of Markerly and much appreciated work to help bloggers for increase social traffic. Follow the given below instruction.

Simply Go to Markerly

Generate Plugin as your blog layout settings and colours and fill the registration farm below.

Preferred Contents Social Sharing Plugin

Now Copy this Generated Code

Image Hover sharing plugin

And paste it in website, Blogger or WordPress template between the ‹body› [paste code here] ‹⁄ body›tag

imge sharing plugin

Save template and checkout New Preferred Contents Sharing Plugin and Mouse Hover Sharing Button for images.



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Bottom Lines

For any further assistance in case of any misunderstanding, below is the comment form, you can ask whatever related to above article, Hope This Social Media Sharing Plugin help your increase your Blogger audience and traffic.. Regards.

How to Remove Facebook Spam Applications and Posts

After so many days I have again choose topic for Facebook, Hope you have liked my previous article for New Facebook Chat Stickers and this time I am going to share a trick for prevent being spamming from such Facebook spam applications which share auto spam posts on your Facebook wall. Sometime or may be every day you find something new posts on your Facebook wall and being sick to delete it everyday but you know that next day it will appear again on your Facebook wall. So, for removing any facebook application or any other facebook application check this trick to get rid from Facebook spam posts and spam applications.

prevent facebook spam apps

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Why Facebook Spam Applications and Posts?

If you want to avoid and prevent Facebook spam always you have to focus on your activities by managing your privacy settings because all these spamming bugs are getting more views, fans and likes for their pages and for that all your awareness is good anti-spam for Facebook activities as you know every time millions of users are online on Facebook in same time, some of the user of Facebook they are totally new and may be they are not aware from that Facebook spamming applications and posts and start liking such a bogus posts in result it will auto share same posts on their all friends wall and this method increase the visibility of that bogus and spam post on every Facebook user’s wall. Check below the complete guide for removing Facebook spam application.


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How to Remove Facebook Spam Application?

Its time to talk about the above trick for removing any application from Facebook. Following method is for security purpose for prevent and avoid spamming by such Facebook application. So Facebook Application Developers please don’t mind.

For removing application from Facebook go to Facebook Account Setting

Go to App section from left side

Now select the spamming application which share spamming posts on your wall on your behalf and click on the “x” cross button

New popup will appear there is a check box for previous posts check that box and click on the remove button.


Finally you have removed that application from Facebook.


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Bottom Lines

All I have mentioned above for avoid Facebook spam posts and spam application but its necessary to be always active and aware from all Facebook activities because spammers are always busy to create something new for sharing their bogus and spam posts  by making such new methods. Always try to check privacy setting before like and use and Facebook application. Feel free to ask any related question to above post also don’t forget to like and share this post with your friends. Regards…

Setup Username for Your Google Plus Profile URL

The new growing Social Media Network from Google. Before we have talked lot about social media tips and increasing the traffic through social media websites and benefits which I know, but this time I am going to share a trick for the Google Plus lovers. I know and its must be that we all Bloggers are using almost total biggest social media website for growing our online business and getting visits reviews for our site and Blog. So in this post I will guide for how to give a unique username to your Google Plus profile and setup a URL for your profile. Checkout below tutorial for get rid from vanity google plus url and setup custom username on Google Plus Profile URL.

google plus url


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How to Setup Username for Your Google Plus Profile URL

All about the topic, I have discussed above now its time to do. So check below guide for give a unique username and vanity from google plus profile URL.

Copy Your Google Plus Profile its look like below

And here is the link go to and check the give below screenshot

google plus vanity url

Your new URL for Google Plus Profile will be


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So Enjoy and Share your New Google Plus Profile URL with your friends. Don’t for to Subscribe RSS and Follow us Via Social Media Profiles… Regards..

Social Media Tricks to Promote Business

Presence of social media has revolutionized the way business strategies are formulated. It has led to innovation of new tools and techniques helpful for flourishing of small and big business communities. Its presence worldwide has enhanced services, and has led to globalization on a massive scale. One can view news, views, articles, shop everything by just a media tricks for promoting business

Many business organizations use this tool for promotion and to improve their profits. There are some tricks that are used by such organizations to strengthen their user base. Some of them are-

Promotion on Facebook, Google+, Twitter etc.-

You can promote your business on social media sites such as Facebook, Google+ or Twitter. Facebook has the biggest user base. This advantage can be utilized by sharing content and service information on Facebook. Google+ is not having as strong a user base as compared to Facebook, but it dominates due to its ability to optimize the search results of a website and promote it on its search engine. Twitter can be used to provide links to promote new products. The 140 word limit has to be utilized in an efficient manner.

Blog Regularly-

A business can survive only if it adapts to the highly volatile market environment. With innovation comes a need to express the results to the user, so that they can go for their product. A blog can serve the purpose of communicating with the users. Every company should maintain a blog of its own. They must be able to explain people about the advantages of their new products and changes from the previous ones.

Instagram and Vine-

Instagram and Vine are video and picture sharing and hosting social media websites. Nowadays advertisements are playing a great role in the promotion of company products. Instagram and Vine provide a platform for video hosting. One can share a 15 second video on Instagram and a 6 second video on Vile. These videos can give brief information about the product, its usage and its advantages. For e.g. if you have a company where you manufacture cars, the customers will definitely love to watch the videos to check the quality, noise and looks of a car. This may encourage them to go on a test ride.

Online competitions-

An organization can promote its product by organizing competitions on social media websites. The exciting gifts can encourage the users to check the page, and get an idea about the services provided.

Better services, become viral-

If you have the best services and you are able to market them correctly, then it is obvious that people will go for your product. A service becomes viral when people share the success of product among themselves. This can only be achieved by minimizing flaws in the services.

A consumer can only remember the best service providers and in a world of competition, the one who is unable to market their product will be left behind. Business directories are the indexes from which the customers can choose the best services.  Free Business Directory Australia is an example of such directory where a list has been made according to services provided by that particular company. In this, the ever changing world ideas should never be static, as it is known stagnation can always throw you out of the competition.

 Guest Post by Ella Borrie 

TTI Bio Author Box with Hover Social Media Subscription

Whole I day I have worked very hard to make this Author Box, before I have also share an Author Bio Box widget for blogger, but this time I have personally made it and working about 5 to 6 hours and finally get result in the shape of Best and Beautiful Bio Author Box with Hover Social Media Subscription Following Buttons below every blogger post. Before I have share another Hover Social Media Widget for BloggerDon’t forget to check that one. In this Author Bio Box there are 6 different types of Social Media Following and Subscription Option such as FacebookTwitterGoogle PlusLinkedinYoutubePinterest andRSS Subscription and from which your visitors can easily follow your social media pages.

Bio Author Box with Hover Social Media

Social Media Plugins for Blogs:-


For shortage of time I have not create widget generator for this because I am much tired whole day working on this.. so you have to install in manually.


Go to Blogger Dashboard >> Template >>
Backup Your Blogger Template
And find the following code

<div class='post-footer-line post-footer-line-1'>

May be you fine above code more than 1 time so you have to try in both . Now paste the below script and code after <div class=’post-footer-line post-footer-line-1′> code

.authorbox {
border: 3px solid #CF152A;
border-radius: 10px;
padding: 10px;
width: 625px;
font-family: Times New Roman;
text-align: left;
.avatar {
float: left;
line-height: 1;
-moz-box-shadow: 0 0 10px #FFFFFF;
-webkit-box-shadow: 0 0 10px #FFFFFF;
box-shadow: 0 0 10px #FFFFFF;
border: 3px solid blus;
border-radius: 5px
.authorinfo {
font-family: courier,"courier new",monospace;
color: #8CC8FF;
font-size: 14px;
text-align: justify;
letter-spacing: 1.2pt;
word-spacing: -1.4pt;
line-height: 1.2;
margin:0 0 0 3.5cm;
.icons a {
display: inline-block;
width: 50px;
height: 50px;
margin: 15px;
-moz-box-shadow: 0 0 10px #FFFFFF;
-webkit-box-shadow: 0 0 10px #FFFFFF;
box-shadow: 0 0 10px #FFFFFF;
border: 3px solid blus;
border-radius: 5px
-o-transition: all .2s;
-moz-transition: all .2s;
-webkit-transition: all .2s;
-ms-transition: all .2s;
.icons a.ttitwitter { background: url("") left top no-repeat; }
.icons a.ttirss { background: url("") left top no-repeat; }
.icons a.ttipinterest { background: url("") left top no-repeat; }
.icons a.ttifacebook { background: url("") left top no-repeat; }
.icons a.ttiyoutube { background: url("") left top no-repeat; }
.icons a.ttigoogleplus { background: url("") left top no-repeat; }
.icons a.ttilinkedin { background: url("") left top no-repeat; }
.icons a:hover { background-position: left -50px; }
<div align="center">
<a href=""><img alt='author-avatar'
src='' class='avatar' height='auto' width='auto'/></a><h2

align="center" style="margin:0 0 0 3.5cm; background:white;">
<u><i>About WebMaster</i></u></h2><br />
<div>Hi ! This is Muhammad Ehsan Qureshi, WebMaster of the Blogger and SEO Expert from Thatta Sindh Pakistan, Loving to serve myself
for sharing Tutorials, Tips Tricks about Internet, Computer Search Engine Optimization, Blogging Ideas.</div>
<div align="center" >
<a href="" target="_blank"></a>
<a href="" target="_blank"></a>
<a href="" target="_blank"></a>
<a href="" target="_blank"></a>
<a href="" target="_blank"></a>
<a href="" target="_blank"></a>
<a href="" target="_blank"></a>
<div style="text-align: right;">
<span style="background-color: white;"><span style="font-size: x-small;"><span style="font-family: &quot;Courier New&quot;,Courier,monospace;"><a

href="" target="_blank">+Get This</a></span></span></span>


Change the necessary fields as per your id as I have highlighted all the changeable codes.
Save your template and see what is new today..

Tips & Tricks:- 


Hope you will find my this creation because first time I have made anything and worked hard whole day waiting for your feedback and also follow us and get updates from us.

Mouse Hover Cool Social Media Subscription Widget

A cool and beautiful Social Media Subscription widget with the mouse hover effect in the series of most beautiful blogger widgets. As before I have share another post for Social Sharing Mouse Hover On Image was about when you cross over the mouse pointer over the image immediately after 5 Social Sharing button will appear and you share post to 3 different most valuable social media network also this is has five different and top traffic generator social media networks i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest Google Plus and RSS Subscription with cool mouse hover effects. As we have discussed before about how can we get benefits by sharing our post to social media networks.

Best Blogger Plugins for You:-

How to Install Cool Mouse Hover Social Media Subscription Widget to Blogger

I have made a Widget Generator for this as always I used to made for saving my visitors precious time for copying script and changing such links bla.. blaa..

Just Insert Your Ids and URLs as per Required by widget Generator and Click on the Generate Button

Now copy the Generated Script and Go to Blogger Dashboard > Layout >> Inset A Gadget

Important : Before any edition in template you must backup your blogger template.

Select HTML/JavaScript Gadget and paste the Generated Widget in it.

Save your template and you have all done..

Check Out our these posts. 

Hope you will like my this blogger plugin. Keep visiting and share our post with your friends and don’t forget to follow our social media pages and ids for stay connected with us always and get free Tips and Tricks. Waiting for you feedback.